delphianDNS Service

delphianDNS is a free public DNS server that blocks ads, fraud sites, harmful sites and adult sites

The database is by Dan Pollock . It even has a keywords to block even some that are not in the database. To see its blocking configuration click here

Just set your preferred DNS Server to

It’s compatible with routers, windows, android, iOS and many more

Manual Configure(Windows 10):

  1. Right click the start button on the task bar
  2. Then click Network Connections
  3. Now click Change Adapter Options
  4. Now find your internet connection Icon right-click it and click Properties
  5. Now on the Properties Page you should see Internet Protocol Version 4 double click it
  6. Click the circle by Use the following DNS server addresses:
  7. Clear out both IP addresses below that circle checkmark and type
  8. click OK on that dialog now its recommended not to use IPv6 so uncheck Internet Protocol Version 6 with IPv6 it can bypass the DNS Server.
  9. click ok and open your browser and type in http://www.delphijustin.dns/test.dns (don’t forget to include the www part).
  10. If it loads correctly then everything is well setup

On android:

  1. Download the DNS Changer from Google Play
  2. Open the DNS Changer and enter for both IP addresses.
  3. Click connect and now you should be connected.

You can view your log by visiting http://www.delphijustin.dns/log.dns