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    Car tuning is understood as making changes to the exterior, interior, engine and chassis of the car in order to improve its appearance, technical and aerodynamic characteristics. For example, increasing the engine power, improving the braking system, installing the additional speakers, installing the body kits – a bumper, a spoiler, a diffuser, a side skirts and much more. Tuning has long gone beyond garage workshops, there were large companies, such as Renegade Design, which were producing a whole series of original tuning kits for the refinement of stock cars. In addition, there are tuning studios, some services are provided by the ordinary car service stations.

    Born in the middle of the XX century, tuning turned from a simple styling into a real philosophical system, gaining followers around the world. After all, tuning is a kind of individuality manifesto, a means of self-expression and self-affirmation. The car is not a passive object, but a full-fledged participant, providing a vast field of activity for the creative process. The development of the design of tuning elements is carried out taking into account the design features and the nature of the four-wheeled friend.

    For many car owners, car tuning has become a hobby or profession. Hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world are creating communities, forums dedicated to car tuning. Numerous events are held annually, at which new versions of body kits are presented, trends for the modernization of salons are set, and tuned cars are exhibited. And although this type of activity appeared in Russia later, now it is rapidly gaining momentum. At the same time, it should be remembered that drastic changes require registration with the traffic police, so it is better to contact specialists who can make tuning legally and get permission to make changes.

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