Here are the steps for setting up delphijustin IRC network with AndroIRC(Android IRC Client)

1.       Install AndroIRC from Google Play

2.       Open AndroIRC and click the menu button the 3 dots in a row

3.       Click Settings

4.       Click Servers

5.       Click the Menu button and then New Server

6.       Click Address from the list and type in and click OK

7.       Click Nickname and type in a nickname and click OK

8.       Enter a name for this connection by clicking on Name

9.       After typing in a name click OK and click the back arrow on the bottom of the screen 2 times it has now been saved now we need to tell it to join #delphijustin channel when connecting

10.   Now click on Channels

11.   Click on the server connection that you created.

12.   Click the Menu button and then Add a channel

13.   Click Channel Name and type in #delphijustin then click OK.

14.   Click the back button until you reached the home screen of the app then click the plus sign then the name of the connection you saved it as and you should be all set