This tool executes a batch script once during the whole time the computer is on. It can limit one instance running at a time. Check the process ID in the registry to see if it is still running. All Keys that are used for telling if it should spawn a new process are volatile, meaning …

De Sauty’s Bridge

This bridge is good for measuring Capacitors. What you do is hookup high impedance headphones to the output(V2 in the NL5 Circuit). Then adjust the resistor(s) , you can use the calculator below to find a suitable resistance for the resistors. This works like a Wheatstone bridge except one side has capacitors. The calculator calculates …

DIY USB Rechargeable Flashlight

This flashlight is very simple to build. It uses a cellphone li-ion battery . Its rechargeable. It should only draw about 900mA from the battery. It lasted for about 74 minutes before it went too much below the light bulb voltage. I measured it while the light was off after it went dead it read …

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