Yet another TV oscilloscope

In this blog post a crt TV a part and turn it into a oscilloscope. I am going to try to use a TL082 op amp to buffer and amplify the signal. It uses the deflection yoke to draw the picture on the tube. More pictures and videos will be posted here when it is …

DIY Static wrist strap

This wrist strap prevents electrostatic discharge to whatever you touch What you need: 1 meg ohm resistor(any wattage or tolerance will do Copper tape or foil a piece of wire(you can use all of the wires from a btoken cord if you like0 bracelet(This should allow the copper tape to stick) one alligator clip Step …

DIY anti-static mat

This is a very simple esd mat that anyone can build. All you need is Small nail Cardboard box A three prong cord(must be three prong so that it functions correctly) Copper foil sheets that stick(i got mine from eBay, it is used for guitars) 1 meg ohm resistor any wattage should do. Hot glue …

Auto close youtube

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