Elevens Solitaire


This game is a work of art! The rules are simple, in fact it may even be easier to win than regular solitaire! The object of this game is to discard all the cards by taking a pair of 2 cards and adding them up to 11. Jacks, queens and kings are only discarded when there is only one of each visible they are discarded automatically. It has a Cheat-sheet feature that shows all combinations that can be made. You can either drag and drop cards or type in there number. There number is the # on each card. For example in this screenshot to discard the 7 of clubs and the 4 of clubs type 23. The source code is written in Delphi.

All programs are virus free. Some antivirus software might say its "suspicious" or a "Potentionaly Unwanted Program". Some of them rate them on what there code looks like no matter if theres a definition in the virus database. If any of them are detected any Antivirus I will zip the software with the password "justin" j is lowercase

Published by Justin Roeder

I am an electronics engineer and computer programmer that has autism. I learned by myself

delphijustin Industries is an Autism Supported Business
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