How to change TV channel from the network

NOTE: THIS PLUGIN DOESN’T WORK USE THE DEFAULT SERIAL PORT ARDUINO BUILT-IN PLUGIN INSTEAD Here is a way to change the TV channel from Arduino, Network and computer. Here is what you will need: 1x IR LED 1x IR Receiver module 1x Arduino Board 1x NPN General Purpose Transistor 1x 470 ohm resistor 1x Mini […]

How to mount small hobby solar cells, plus a USB Solar power supply?

I looked all over the internet for a way to mount these solar cells, And only come up was ones you mount on houses. So I got a cardboard box and glue gun and tried gluing them to the piece of cardboard and it was a success! I got 19 of the 0.5v 0.8A solar […]

How to get the old Equation Editor back

In this blog I will show you where to download EQNEDT32.exe file. The Microsoft equation editor tool. It was taken out of the new versions of office and windows. To fix it and get this cool equation editor back click this link Then scroll down until you see Download EQNEDT32.EXE Files (Malware-Tested 100% Clean), […]

Why vintage headphones are better than today headphones

Headphones made today goes bad and doesn’t last as long. It is because of the crap quality wire they use. It’s very thin. Why the 3.5mm to RCA cord use better wires than it. Here’s a list of symptoms of when headphone are going bad: One or two speakers only sound good when the cord […]