DIY anti-static mat

This is a very simple esd mat that anyone can build. All you need is Small nail Cardboard box A three prong cord(must be three prong so that it functions correctly) Copper foil sheets that stick(i got mine from eBay, it is used for guitars) 1 meg ohm resistor any wattage should do. Hot glue […]

Simplest analog computer

In this post I will show you how to make a analog computer using just resistors, switches and a 100 micro ammeter. Here’s the schematic of it: You can see the idea on how this analog computer works, it uses ohms law to get current from resistors in the circuits. Each current is limited in […]


jsTraffup v1.1 by delphijustin Website: E-mail:   What is this? This is a script file used to tell traffup users how to revisit your Website. It has 3 modes: JSTUP_MODE_HTML This puts a widget on to the page if it was referred by traffup, this is the recommended mode JSTUP_MODE_POPUP Show a popup […]