My software downloader

I decided after making all these software, programs and tools to make a tool that would let people download all zip files, android apps and linux files. You can chose which types you want and it will tell you the total download size. You can have the files overwritten if you want and the option […]

Search Nanny

This tool allows you to force safe search on Google, Bing,DuckDuckGo and YouTube. It even has a website blocker. It should even work on linux systems via wine. You can set it up through the network via network drive. Export ALSO MAKE SURE TO RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.


This tool executes a batch script once during the whole time the computer is on. It can limit one instance running at a time. Check the process ID in the registry to see if it is still running. All Keys that are used for telling if it should spawn a new process are volatile, meaning […]

Advanced Pinger

This tool is used for keeping your computer/server is connected to the Internet and runs a batch file when the tool detects that the status has changed. The status is a number that is reached by the %1 variable in the batch file. The batch file is the exe filename but instead of ending .exe […]

Bandwidth Tester Tool

This tool comes in handy for testing bandwidth speed, checking if your Internet provider is slowing your speed down. This tool works in the web browser or from a downloadable app. In the browser you enter a file size in MB and click the “Test Download” Button. It will then work like your downloading a […]

Window Hacker

This program is a great tool to have. It allows you to take control of window controls and their handles. This is like Spy++ but free. Theres a dll that allows you to control a window from a batch file just use rundll32 with it like   rundll32 libwndhack.dll,CloseHWND search_query rundll32 libwndhack.dll,ShowHWND search_query rundll32 libwndhack.dll,ClickButton […]