How to mount small hobby solar cells, plus a USB Solar power supply?

I looked all over the internet for a way to mount these solar cells, And only come up was ones you mount on houses. So I got a cardboard box and glue gun and tried gluing them to the piece of cardboard and it was a success! I got 19 of the 0.5v 0.8A solar […]

How to get the old Equation Editor back

In this blog I will show you where to download EQNEDT32.exe file. The Microsoft equation editor tool. It was taken out of the new versions of office and windows. To fix it and get this cool equation editor back click this link Then scroll down until you see Download EQNEDT32.EXE Files (Malware-Tested 100% Clean), […]

Why vintage headphones are better than today headphones

Headphones made today goes bad and doesn’t last as long. It is because of the crap quality wire they use. It’s very thin. Why the 3.5mm to RCA cord use better wires than it. Here’s a list of symptoms of when headphone are going bad: One or two speakers only sound good when the cord […]

How to stream TV to VLC

This method works a lot better than the first method. It works with phones, windows, Linux and other devices that support HLS. Mainly in this blog post we will be streaming to VLC Player. VLC Player is available for the phone and windows. HLS stands for HTTP Live Stream. You will also use a RAM […]

How to record and stream your TV shows

In this blog post I will show you how easy simple it is to stream and record your TV shows. Also check out the new post that uses the same software but makes it compatible with VLC. What you will need? 1x EasyCap USB Video capture device. 1x RCA to 3.5mm adaptor(I recommend using your […]

Things you can do with Soundcards

There are a couple things a soundcard could come in handy for electricians. Dual channel oscilloscope and RCL meter/ The first circuit shows you a design for oscilloscope: That circuit gives an impedance <500K on CH1 and CH2. R1 and R2 adjust the voltage range. R3 and R4 is for current limiting resistors for the […]

Powering a Scanner from a power supply and battery pack at the same time

I had a 6vdc power supply laying around and John Zogg(my friend) wanted to power his scanner from both batteries and power supply. The power supply didn’t have the correct connector. So what could I possibly do to safely run it off of the batteries and power supply at the same time? So I got […]