De Sauty’s Bridge

This bridge is good for measuring Capacitors. What you do is hookup high impedance headphones to the output(V2 in the NL5 Circuit). Then adjust the resistor(s) , you can use the calculator below to find a suitable resistance for the resistors. This works like a Wheatstone bridge except one side has capacitors. The calculator calculates […]

DIY USB Rechargeable Flashlight

This flashlight is very simple to build. It uses a cellphone li-ion battery . Its rechargeable. It should only draw about 900mA from the battery. It lasted for about 74 minutes before it went too much below the light bulb voltage. I measured it while the light was off after it went dead it read […]

How to change TV channel from the network

NOTE: THIS PLUGIN DOESN’T WORK USE THE DEFAULT SERIAL PORT ARDUINO BUILT-IN PLUGIN INSTEAD Here is a way to change the TV channel from Arduino, Network and computer. Here is what you will need: 1x IR LED 1x IR Receiver module 1x Arduino Board 1x NPN General Purpose Transistor 1x 470 ohm resistor 1x Mini […]

How to mount small hobby solar cells, plus a USB Solar power supply?

I looked all over the internet for a way to mount these solar cells, And only come up was ones you mount on houses. So I got a cardboard box and glue gun and tried gluing them to the piece of cardboard and it was a success! I got 19 of the 0.5v 0.8A solar […]

Solder Iron Foot Switch

This switch is a must for people who solder alot. It prevents the iron from overheating. Its very simple and is very cheap. Some irons like mine can heat back up fast after they have not been cooled down alot. You will need the following parts and tools: 1 foot pedal switch SPST 1 duplex […]

Serial Port Holiday Light Flasher

In this post I will show you how to flash Christmas lights by the serial port. Now you can with Holiday232. This serial port can switch between 4 different lights by using 2 SPDT relays and both RTS and DTR of the relay. As you may be wondering when looking at the schematic why I’m […]

$32 dollar isolation transformer

Here’s a simple easy to build Isolation Transformer that you can buy from All Electronics. Here’s what you need: 1x 120VAC Output transformer 1x outlet connector 1x power cord You can add a 1/2A fuse that goes on the output of the transformer

Things you can do with Soundcards

There are a couple things a soundcard could come in handy for electricians. Dual channel oscilloscope and RCL meter/ The first circuit shows you a design for oscilloscope: That circuit gives an impedance <500K on CH1 and CH2. R1 and R2 adjust the voltage range. R3 and R4 is for current limiting resistors for the […]

DIY Battery Load Tester

In this blog post I will go over steps of testing a battery. This method is not just for golf cart batteries, it works with most batteries(although the resistance might be different) that give a good wattage without going over the wattage rating of the resistor. Another thing I should tell you is don’t forget […]

LED Tester

Here’s a simple LED tester that allows you to test LEDs, see how bright they are and let’s you see the forward voltage drop used to figure out the current limiting resistor. We use a 100mA LM317 current regulator. By doing this you can see how the LED reacts to different currents. In this circuit […]