This light-weight Electronics Engineering Calculator app is pretty neat and good. It works on many platforms such as Android, Linux, and Windows. The app contains every calculator found on the calculator page on this site. The android version is not on google play yet, and I don’t know if it ever will. You can download […]

LiveBackup – live linux backup tool

This tiny shell script will allow you to backup the settings and programs from a live linux session to two .tar files. Here’s a list of the tar files and what they do. config/data.tar – Configuration and settings files. (/var and /usr directories) if any of the files in data.tar exists it will be overwritten. […]

jsAllElectronics – Javascript Parts Ordering Script

I wanted a solution for making my visitors easier for them to order parts to build my projects. This code comes from the “Order By Part#” Page. Heres an example of how to use it: Heres the source code of the utility: Real Example