URL Notifier

This app monitors URLs and Files for changes. It runs from the command prompt, just pass the URLs as the parameters. If its a file use file:/// URL. It uses Internet Explorer URLMon library to download the URLs. To see how to use just open urlnotify.exe file. Great for RSS feeds, comments feeds and blogs.

EEOS Operating System

This OS allows you to use the parallel port for a lot of electronics test equipment from a CD,DVD or floppy disk. This OS works with most 32-bit computers although it can run on 64-bit. It contains a lot of scripts that can be used for interfacing. Features: 555 Resistance Capacitance meter(rcmeter command) logic probe(LProbe […]

LiveBackup – live linux backup tool

This tiny shell script will allow you to backup the settings and programs from a live linux session to two .tar files. Here’s a list of the tar files and what they do. config/data.tar – Configuration and settings files. (/var and /usr directories) if any of the files in data.tar exists it will be overwritten. […]