USB Null Power Supply

One time I read an Nuts and volts article where this guy took a usb cord and unhooked the +5v(red wire) and made it where the arduino can be powered by an external power supply without breaking anything.. This can be also handy for power hungry devices(such as external dvd burners,etc). This will draw nothing …

When an soundcard probe uses wrong polarity on android/chromebooks

In this blog I will review the Virtins Soundcard probe using it on a chromebook. Chromebooks use a 4-pin headphone not a 3-pin connector like PCs and regular laptops use. Here comes the interesting part when measuring a sawtooth wave it was going backwords seen on figure 1 What can that do to the circuit? …

0-30v/0-60v dual power supply

Here’s a type of powersupply you should have. It’s good if you’re dealing with OP amps. I took the circuit from and modified it to incorporate 2x printer power supplies instead of an AC transformer. It provides a ground that are both positive and negative. LM317 and LM337 regulators are utilized in this circuit. …

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