Window Hacker

This program is a great tool to have. It allows you to take control of window controls and their handles. This is like Spy++ but free. Theres a dll that allows you to control a window from a batch file just use rundll32 with it like   rundll32 libwndhack.dll,CloseHWND search_query rundll32 libwndhack.dll,ShowHWND search_query rundll32 libwndhack.dll,ClickButton […]

Lightnix Serial Port Light Flasher

Lightnix is a open source serial/parallel port holiday flasher driver for windows. You can see its full capability by opening winlight.exe at the command prompt. Examples Flashing lights from serial port com1 Winlight.exe flash=100 com=\\.\COM1 The number in blue is the slowness speed of the flash in milliseconds and \\.\com1 is the com port path. […]

MoveEx The Windows file mover and deleter on startup

This tool allows you to delete or move files at winidows bootup. It does it like its a service, BUT it doesnt use a Windows nt service. It uses Windows NT Exported function MoveFileEx. By using that the file will be deleted or moved before anything loads. Its a great tool to have if you […]