KeyJoy the joystick to mouse/keyboard

This program allows you to use your Joystick as a keyboard or mouse. It allows you to set up separate buttons for numbers, symbols and letters. You can also assign the left or right mouse buttons. You can scrolll through the list of letters,numbers or symbols that you can choose by press the button assigned […]

Bandwidth Tester Tool

This tool comes in handy for testing bandwidth speed, checking if your Internet provider is slowing your speed down. This tool works in the web browser or from a downloadable app. In the browser you enter a file size in MB and click the “Test Download” Button. It will then work like your downloading a […]

mIRC Screensaver

This screensaver is not a regular Screensaver, its for setting awaynick and away message on mIRC chat client. It still let you use your favorite screensaver, as it opens it and waits for it to close. Its settings are stored in the registry. It also has a daemon that runs in the background(to detect when […]

POP3, IRC, SMTP and FTP Password Recovery tool

This tool allows you to get passwords from email, file transfer and IRC clients. Works on Windows and Linux(via Wine). Includes both 32 and 64-bit versions. If you need the ssh password and use the exact account in a file transfer program that supports FTP(such as filezilla) then you can recover your SSH account. You […]


This php script allows you to host your own Internet Station. Just unzip the zip file onto a folder on your web server. You will want to store your songs into the root or subdirectory of that folder. Then you will want to create the song database. On windows you just open makedb.bat file on […]

URL Notifier

This app monitors URLs and Files for changes. It runs from the command prompt, just pass the URLs as the parameters. If its a file use file:/// URL. It uses Internet Explorer URLMon library to download the URLs. To see how to use just open urlnotify.exe file. Great for RSS feeds, comments feeds and blogs.

EEOS Operating System

This OS allows you to use the parallel port for a lot of electronics test equipment from a CD,DVD or floppy disk. This OS works with most 32-bit computers although it can run on 64-bit. It contains a lot of scripts that can be used for interfacing. Features: 555 Resistance Capacitance meter(rcmeter command) logic probe(LProbe […]