How to mount small hobby solar cells, plus a USB Solar power supply?

I looked all over the internet for a way to mount these solar cells, And only come up was ones you mount on houses. So I got a cardboard box and glue gun and tried gluing them to the piece of cardboard and it was a success! I got 19 of the 0.5v 0.8A solar cells from all electronics. They work great outside, I get around 11v. Inside there’s not enough current/voltage to run the panel meter. I got about 6v in the bathroom with it being really

All glued to the cardboard

I think for right now it doesn’t charge the phone correctly because I have the green and white wires on the USB Cord tied together. A friend told me that I need resistors on the data lines. So I looked online and came across this circuit and says it will tell the phone to draw only 500mA.

Circuit for changing

I will have to wait for the resistors to come in the mail to test it with the resistors. Down below is the pinout of the regulator I used. Just that and the 19 solar cells. Each solar cell is conneted in series(the same way batteries are connected).

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