DIY cable tester

In this blog I will show you two ways to make a cable tester. The 1st way uses a arduino (software controlled). The 2nd way uses a decade counter chip(CD4017) and a flashing LED. I am going to order the Dual RJ45 jack to screw terminals from eBay. The other connectors are from parts-express. I …

Capacitor powered LED flashlight

Long time ago QVC sold a shakeable Flashlight that had no batteries just a shakeable generator and a super capacitor. This flashlight uses a 5vdc 1.5a wall wart to charge the capacitors. To figure out how long it will take to charge the flashlight you use this equation $$T=5R_{currentlimit}C$$ And for total discharge time $$T=5R_{LED}C$$ …

DIY Holiday Lights

In this blog I will show you how to build holiday lights. This idea came from Penny who wanted to get green lights and come to find out they are not in store.You can take LEDs and wire them in parallel with a current limiting resistor for each one. Or to speed up soldering just …

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