Unreal DVR

Here is a app I made that makes Unreal Archival Server much better. It allows you to record at a certain date and time and moves videos to a certain location with a better filename. It’s free and open source. However its not made by Unreal media server. And the app is a batch file.

Screenshot of Unreal DVR

Before running Unreal DVR you must do the following

  1. Open patch-uas.bat file after Archival server is installed
  2. Schedule a recording time in archival server(not Unreal DVR) to start at 00:00 to 23:59. This is needed so when Unreal DVR starts UArchivalServer it starts recording.
  3. Set the maximum duration to 1440 minutes, this is 24 hours. This will make it where Unreal DVR can create a video at a unlimited duration. You can do this by clicking the Storage settings button

After that upload remotecontroller.ino to the Arduino(if you want the ability to change channels)

Published by Justin Roeder

I am an electronics engineer and computer programmer that has autism. I learned by myself

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