USB charger data voltages

You may be thinking that usb charging devices use just the 5v and ground wires? Well your wrong as those devices don’t want to break the charger by drawing too much current. They require certain voltages on the 2 data lines. It took me alot of research to figure out how to configure it. If you want you can try shorting the green(data+) and white(data-). This may charge at the wrong current or refuse to charge.

Here’s 3 different voltage dividers simulated in everycircuit

3 voltage dividers(you will need 2, total of 4 resistors) hook one of the data lines in the middle of each dividers

Those are configuration values used in chargers. Here’s a list of voltages.

1.2v1.2vUnknown Samsung devices
Data lines configuration

I used r1 as 60k (51k+9.1k) and r2 is 75k. For data+. For data- r1 is 75k and r2 is 49.99k resistor. I’m using a 3a 5vdc power adapter and it seems better.

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