This do-it-yourself extension cord is simple and straight forward. The reason! Why I built it was to make my cell phone reach the outlet. I just used 2 strains of wires connected to both ends. The one I built has 3 different kinds of wires. This is because I wanted to build it out of what I had. I added it up and it should be over 9 foot

Here’s what you need:

  • A cigarette lighter female and male connectors(with or without wires pre-soldered)
  • A pair of wires (color coded preferred, doesn’t have to be color coded it should be hookup or speaker wire)
  • A roll of rosin core solder (don’t use acid core solder or plumbing solder) if you don’t want to solder then you could use butt connectors,but you will need to crimp them. Butt connectors are totally useless if you just get the connectors without pre-soldered wires.
  • Electric tape or heatshrinks(needed to make sure that the solder joints don’t touch)

Published by Justin Roeder

I am an electronics engineer and computer programmer that has autism. I learned by myself

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