8-bit Capacitance box

Today I began working on my Capacitor box. It’s value is in binary obtain from switches.

If you can’t get perfect Capacitance from each switch you can use multiple in parallel or series.

For capacitors in series the value is:


Both equations can have any amount of capacitors the variable Ct is the total Capacitance

For capacitors in parallel the value is:


So far only one switch is mounted. Soon more it will be finished. Each switch is in parallel with the polarity the same. Below is a schematic of the Capacitance box. You may need to put extra capacitors in parallel so that the box is more accurate. Also I had to cut the wires so I can mount the switches. Each switch in the schematic has the binary value right by the switches

Accuracy calculator

See YouTube video

New and more accurate capacitor box.
These parts are for the new and improved. Max. Voltage rating 25vdc.

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