Basketball pump signal injector

This is a simple signal injector that can fit inside a mini basketball pump it requires: This signal injector can come in handy for repairing radios, amplifers and old TVs and also square wave generator in a probe. Later on I will make a version that uses C1 and C2 as 470nF and R3 and …

Arduino Video poker for the TV

Here is a project I have been working on. It hooks up to the tv and allows you to play 5 different types of video poker games. The game is in black and white and some of the suits look funny. The pinouts can be found in README.MD file. Youtube videos

How to stream TV to VLC

This method works a lot better than the first method. It works with phones, windows, Linux and other devices that support HLS. Mainly in this blog post we will be streaming to VLC Player. VLC Player is available for the phone and windows. HLS stands for HTTP Live Stream. You will also use a RAM …

Sawtooth generator for TV oscilloscope

Here’s what I come up with for sawtooth signal for the scope. I took the ramp generator circuit from It uses 3/4 Op Amps from the LM324 chip. I tested the circuit from and it works in multisim. S1 and R8 controls the frequency. R6 controls the amplitude of the sawtooth voltage. When …

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