Uno game

This is my first shareware game I made. I do give its code away for a extra fee. It’s the popular card game that is similar to Crazy 8s but with extra cards that have a special meaning, and not a standard card deck. The code is compiled with Delphi 11 but may work with other similar versions. Uno.exe is the only file you need to play the game. uno-dev.7z is the encrypted 7-zip file containing the source code. You will get the password to unzip it if you buy the source code. The 7-zip password never changes and updates are always free. The game has sound, music and a log that tells you what has happend.

To download the game do the following:

  1. Click Download Now
  2. After that open the zip file
  3. if only “unogame-main” folder open that folder
  4. unzip and open “uno.exe” If this is your first time running it you may have to run it as administrator(This is for the shareware feature.)
Uno Game screenshot

Published by Justin Roeder

I am an electronics engineer and computer programmer that has autism. I learned by myself

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